Our favourite day of the year is almost here, and we’re celebrating with a CONTEST!!!!

Pull an APRIL FOOLS prank on a friend & you could be featured on the GAGS channel!
1. Watch the above video for inspiration
2. Select your favourite prank/use your own
3. Pull the prefered prank on a friend/relative
4. Post a proof of prank (link to a picture/link to a video/prank explanation) in the comments below.

WIN: Your full prank could be featured on our channel!

*** Winners revealed on April 6th 2017 ***

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5 Responses to “TOP 20 April Fool’s PRANKS You Need To Try!”

  1. Karizma Roses says:


  2. supriseme Me says:

    I feel so bad

  3. gas chamber fixer says:

    Now this is a real prank not some stealing in the hood gone wrong 2017 pranks

  4. Muktar Ahmed says:

    3:28 aaaoooh

  5. 187 Strassenbande says:

    7:36 Scobby Doo Schagi

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