In this Just Kidding Productions original movie, we reenact the fantastic story of the Titanic! A must watch! | Subscribe: http…

10 Responses to “Titanic Sinking Prank”

  1. Cata Burton Daymond says:

    My favorite!!! ♡

  2. อารยะ พรประพันธ์ says:

    This one is cool.

  3. jeff pahinag says:

    Hey Iceberg.. where are you going? haha 

  4. Lisset Bravo says:

    00:39 LOL 🙂 

  5. LaughINhalf says:

    The Ice Berg 0:08 HAHA These are the BEST PRANKS!
    I also do pranks! Check em out and subscribe if ya laugh!

  6. xXLimitedRayBayXx says:

    I think instead of laughing i yawned at the end. Um.. so what this a prank
    or a blink?

  7. Sincere Echevarria says:



  8. Kiiroi Yuno says:

    Good xD

  9. Chandru ruu says:

    nice one i like this

  10. Just Kidding Pranks says:

    NEW PRANK! Our pranksters recast the Iceberg for their own version of
    Titanic. Unfortunately, he didn’t QUITE know what he was supposed to hit…


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