Our victim is asked to fire the starter’s pistol for a race run by mom’s with baby carriages. …

10 Responses to “Rude Gunshot Wakes Babies”

  1. Ben Curvin says:

    Ooooooor it’s just stupid…

  2. 252Dazz252 says:

    It’s stupid for stupid people.

  3. carloJsalba says:

    A prank is a prank. Pranks are stupid but funny.

  4. Mythomonsters2002 says:

    If they didn’t know about just for laughs there reaction wouldn’t change when they say “Your on Just for Laughs”

  5. gaz will says:

    he said Hallelujah and praise the great Hallelujah (Google translate) 🙂

  6. Santiago De Ochoa Gzz says:


  7. Dinie Zuhairie says:

    dont google….ask sombody who actually know arabic

  8. arielpk2 says:

    No, he was speaking about your mother..

  9. Mythomonsters2002 says:

    but it really means Allah………..No offense its direct translate with G-translate

  10. Ahmad Abdulaziz says:

    hello, I am arabian..
    This guy is praising the god.
    I think this is not appropriate place to do so !

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