Jesse always asks me to go make him a sandwich. This time, I threw some pvp into it and actually made him a SAND-wich. Hit the Thumbs up for Owning Jesse 3x….

10 Responses to “GIRLFRIEND MAKES SAND-wich PRANK”

  1. HardstyleRepublicAMG says:

    Vegemite! :D AUSSIE REP!

  2. kevin mendoza says:

    that was so unhygienic.but im still with team Jeana!!!wooohooo!

  3. Isaic Roman says:


  4. christo gaydarov says:

    this is fuckin awesome 3 in a row girl youre the best

  5. CoCoolBeans says:

    Team regimite

  6. anton björkdahl says:

    have you been on jeanas side and  you cant spell SAAN!

  7. Jordan Edwards says:

    Team Jessie

  8. Koran Soares says:


  9. kathybooluvsu says:

    Team Jenna SON! Been on her side since day one bitch.

  10. TheJodo2010 says:

    It is so hard to get sand out of your mouth. Definitely funny. Especially the fact that she got it from the beach lol.

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