Another New Prank – Shout out to the homies RomanAtwood for helping us! Facebook: Follow us on Twitter…

10 Responses to “FAKE BOOTY PRANK”

  1. lilej48 says:

    No, thats just how jersery girls talk..

  2. ABM BOY says:

    100,000 like in a few weeks… amazing

  3. thegeekfanatic says:

    It’s not black, it’s a jersey accent.

  4. Dominic Lombardi says:

    Don’t let your ass hang out lol

  5. Ciara Morrissey says:

    I was on your plane today to Nashville!!! I was so tempted to say hi but i was embarrassed…… hahahahhah well it was cool to see you guys!

  6. alexwilk99 says:

    Saw some KD V elites and LeBron 10 lows in the background

  7. Brooke Ellis says:

    ahhhhh-ahahaha traitor? you’re funny. we should be friends

  8. OhhPyon says:

    Aww lads sound for top comment :) first time ever <3

  9. suphaJACK77 says:

    lol so did i

  10. ABM BOY says:

    thumbs up for the best prank channel on youtube

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