This Canadian guy was looking to trade or sell an iPhone 7 on Kijiji (it’s like Craigslist). Check out how he reacts when I offer to trade him some older phones that were supposedly owned by some hip-hop legends.

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5 Responses to “Celebrity Phone Trade Prank – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Bennett Langley says:

    thanks for being pc <3 ur the best

  2. Carpet Shark says:

    5:29 I’m dead af

  3. Cooper Verdon says:

    Call tyrone as the kkk

  4. stormiee says:

    lol. Soory!

  5. the guy selling the iphone 7 is a massive loser – gives canada a bad rap with his hick accent and his lame attitude. i hope he gets trolled daily.

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