I called a thrift shop in New York about buying a pail of soiled swim trunks, and the way the whole ordeal goes down is hilarious. Request a prank!
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Buk Lau:

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5 Responses to “Arrogant Brooklyn Hipster Pranked TWICE”

  1. Shawn Legend says:

    *There’s no roping in if **#BukLau** and **#Rakesh** didn’t call!*

  2. Arcadio Munoz says:

    You can tell he’s a big pranker. Sounds like the most chilled out dude ever. Life of the party

  3. Niner Gang says:

    He was a party pooper

  4. Fabrice null says:

    Did the manager look through the MD5# though dawg? Cuz my son Jabari is having the same problem here right now.

  5. the last emperor says:

    What the hell is a hipster?

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